Friday, July 31, 2015

Bound (1996)

Directed by: Andy Wachowski
                    Lana Wachowski 
                   (Credited as the Wachowski Brothers at the time of filming)

Runtime: 108 minutes

Time to look at overlooked film by the Wachowski Siblings. To my limited research and knowledge, this is the only Wachowski film that does not have science fiction or fantasy elements. So this movie has no pseudo-philosophy and bullet time footage and is more a love letter to film noir wrapped around a pair of brass knuckles.

The movie revolves around three characters Violet, Corky, and Caesar. Corky just recently finished a five year sentence for "redistribution of wealth" and has a job renovating the condo next door to Violet and Caesar's condo. Corky catches Violet's eye and vice versa and this leads to Violet easily seducing Corky. And Caesar being completely obvious to this relationship because he's more concerned about Violet running off with his fellow coworkers than having an affair with the condo next door.

Now this isn't a love affair drama and nothing is what it appears to be. Caesar is in the mob and his coworker Johnnie is a psychopath and the son of the boss. Worse, Johnnie will take over as the boss when his father steps down or is gunned down. To make the situation even more complicated Shelly another colleague of Caesar's and a friend of Violet has stolen over two million dollars from the mob.    

Shelly doesn't run away fast enough and is caught and killed by the mob. This act makes Caesar to mistrust Johnnie further and inspires Violet to create a new life. She reaches out to Corky and the two of them create a plan to start new lives and to use the mob to clean up the mess. They set their plan in motion and unintentionally set off other problems a long the way.

I wish the Wachowski's would make more films like this. It is a smaller film world so less time is spent explain why people are there and more time spent on the story. Overall it was an enjoyable film and a must watch for film noir fans and crime drama fans.

MVT: The camera work in this film is amazing. It is something that needs to be seen.

Make or Break: What makes this movie for me is the noir feel this film has captured. All it is missing is being in black and white as it uses shadows to great effect visually.

Score: 7.89 out of 10

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