Monday, June 2, 2014

The Cinema Snob Movie (2012)

Directed by: Ryan Mitchelle
Runtime: 122 minutes

For a change of pace I am going to provide some background instead of going on about nothing to cover the fact I never know how to start these things. Brad Jones plays The Cinema Snob, an extremely uptight movie connoisseur that is forced to watch the exploitation films from the 1930's to the 1980's. Aside from the exploitation movie reviews Brad Jones also reviews fast food, odd food and drinks, movies opening at midnight with his friends, and he also makes movies.

Craig Golightly is a fan of exploitation cinema, an aspiring exploitation script writer, and creator of the film Black Angus. Black Angus is a blaxploitation film about a 70's dico roller skater out to avenge the death of family. Despite how awesome this movie sounds Craig and his friend Neil Hall are having problems getting the movie made. They don't have an African American leading man, locations that could stand in for 70's and no filming permits.

To get this movie made Craig meets with Dan Phillips, the man who approves film permits and self appointed guardian of quality art, in attempt to make Black Angus. Dan is less than thrilled about Black Angus and tells Craig to see him again when he has a real movie idea. Neil does much better and convinces a former high school class mate and successful business man Gene to help get the movie made. Gene also manages to get access to several sites for filming and gets them a leading man that will be perfect for Black Angus.

Dan finds out that Black Angus is still going ahead despite his efforts to kill the movie. So he hires the leading man to be the leading man in a play he is producing and promises to go out of his way to kill any attempt to make his movie. Craig reluctantly pretends to be Vincent Dawn, a monumental and annoying film snob, in an effort to infiltrate Dan's film club. Luckily Craig's acting skill allows him to convince Dan and the rest of the film club that he is one of them. He is then rewarded with a six hour viewing of Being John Malkovich. Two hours for the movie an four hours of interruptions through out the film to ask questions or to demonstrate how they understand the deeper meaning of the film.

The stupidity forces Craig outside for a smoke break where he meets Dan's wife Nancy. She gets the Vincent Dawn reference and the two of them hit it off. Elsewhere, the killer starts to pick off members of the film club in odd and amusing ways. This leads to Nancy attempting to solve the murders and taking Craig along for the ride. Meanwhile Niel is trying to find a way to exploit the situation and make Black Angus at the same time.

MVT: This film was made so someone who has never heard of The Cinema Snob, Argento films, Gialli films, and Fulci films to watch and not be left behind. 

Make or Break: What makes this movie for me is the dark humor though out this movie. The break would be pace drags at points and takes me out of the movie briefly.

Score: 8.5 out of 10

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