Friday, February 6, 2015

Wolfcop (2014)

Directed by: Lowell Dean
Runtime: 79 minutes

This review is getting done a few months later than I had hoped. No time like now to correct this and talk about an awesome Canadian horror comedy film.

After a bizarre opening credits sequence the audience is introduce to Lou Garou. Lou is a deputy sheriff to the Woodhaven Sheriff's office and a burned out, alcoholic train wreck of a human being. The townspeople of Woodhaven have the same respect for Lou as he does for himself. Which is none at all. His job is just as bad as the people he serves. His boss the Chief is a hard ass and the other deputy sheriff Tina is better at her job than Lou is.

A call comes in from Willie, the town weirdo, about some odd things happening behind is gun shop. Lou goes over to investigate these claims and it looks a lot like bored teenagers making pentagrams to piss off their parents. Lou decides to be a professional and goes to the local cultural center for more information. Which consists of him sitting on his butt at the bar and drinking the rest of his shift away. This plan goes badly when the town's criminal element and the crusading mayoral candidate Terry Wallace both come into the bar to disrupt a quite day of drinking. Terry starts making a speech and the bar crowd yells at him and his supporters to leave.

Hours later Lou is just about to finish his hard day of drinking and protecting but another call comes in. Those kids are back behind Willie's place causing problems again. So Lou goes to investigate and stumbles on a coven of Satanists. Who promptly knock Lou out and make him part of their weird ritual that involves killing Terry. Lou wakes up in his own bed and thinks he just had a weird dream. Until he finds upside down pentagram craved into his chest. But that is not the only weird thing about him, he can get rid of his five o'clock shadow, his sense of smell has improved to the point of super human, and he kind of gives a damn about his job.

That same morning Terry is found killed by some sort of wild animal. This killing gets both Lou and Tina thinking about a similar event that happened over twenty years ago. Tina's father went missing and was never seen again and Lou's father went to find him only to be killed by some strange animal. Much later Lou goes somewhere he can think out things and sort things out. Yes he is in the bar getting drunk. However things are not right, the bar is closing early and Lou's alcohol tolerance has disappeared. Also some hired goons are in the process of kidnapping Lou. Unfortunately for the goons Lou is transforming into a werewolf with awesome practical effects.

The next morning Lou finds himself in a weird bed and handcuffed. Turns out he turned into a werewolf, killed most of the hired goons, and then was wandering the town in drunk blackout. Until Willie shot him with enough tranquiler darts to drop an elephant. Willie decides to study Lou's new condition and Lou volunteers to take the night shift so he can lock himself in one of the holding cells when the night comes. That night Lou again goes through an impressive practical werewolf transformation. This time around Lou is sober, a werewolf, and bored out of his mind. So when a call of an armed robbery comes into the station, Lou gets dressed, starts drinking, and starts enforcing the law.

A local gang that wears pig masks has been terrorizing the town in unstoppable crime spree. Tonight the piggy gang are robbing the local Booze and Donuts. So Lou and Willie show up and Lou either kills or scares the piggy gang out of existence. Fueled by a renewed love his job and alcohol inspires Lou to convert his squad car into the wolfmobile. Then to celebrate his new found love of murdering criminals and kind of enforcing the law, Lou and Willie go visit a meth lab. And Lou proceeds to kill most of the goons and leads to the destruction of the lab.

As the conclusion draws near more mysteries get explained and Lou has more fun being a werewolf and a cop. The end itself is entertaining and does not end in the predictable and cliche standard way cop comedies usually ends.

I have no problem recommending this movie. It is fun, weird, and has impressive practical werewolf transformation. At the time of this being posted there is only a UK blu-ray release of this movie that I am aware of and a North American release scheduled for March 2015.

MVT: Lou in the local library researching Woodhaven's odd history and standing up and shouting "Hey, do you have any books on satanism?"

Make or Break: What makes this movie for me is the use of practical effects and cgi is used when needed.

Score: 8.75 out of 10

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