Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Poll With No Name

On the sidebar over there is the very first GBTMC poll which asks the simple question: "What is your favorite film in the Man With No Name trilogy?" The Gentlemen's Guide podcast will be covering all three classic Sergio Leone films in their next episode (the big 100th). It might not exactly be a surprise as far as which one will end up winning the poll, but hey, you never know!


  1. It's a testament to my embarrassingly small knowledge of westerns that I have no idea who will win the poll! I look forward to this episode though, especially to see where to start when it comes to watching the greats.

  2. To be honest, I've seen Good/Bad/Ugly quite a few times over the years (most recently as a couple of months ago) but have only seen the others once and I barely remember anything about them. It's just one of those "so many movies, so little time" kinda things.

  3. I love all three of the films but my favorite is still For a Few Dollars More. So great.