Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 6/14/11

Large William's Pick: THE USCHI DIGARD COLLECTION (Region 0 DVD; Retro-Seduction Cinema/E1 Entertainment)
Although I was very tempted to go with the unfairly maligned Legend of the Fist:Return of Chen Zhen(this will look ACES on blu, by the way), due to it's gorgeous production design, amazing costumes, and really fun, pulpy 40's vibe, along with serviceable, if over the top kung-fu, but instead I want to pay tribute to one of the Queens of Sexy 70's Cinema; Uschi Digard, truly one of the wonders of the cinematic world, Uschi, who worked with our favorite breast man, Russ Meyer, on more than a few occasions, is featured in her very own collection which comes out this week, from Retro-Seduction Cinema. If you're in the mood for some curves and rompy sexploitation, have at it with this Scandinavian Goddesses collection. You get 3 films, and a few shorts(which may have you pulling down your own shorts, but hey, that's your bees wax, not mine)

hugs, kisses, and daydreams of Swedish pillows,

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Matt-suzaka's Pick: ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE - Double Feature Presentation: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD/I EAT YOUR SKIN (Region 1 DVD; E1 Entertainment)
While Ohio and the neighboring state of Chicago are basically breeding grounds for horror hosts - in my respective area of West Central Ohio - I have access to only one hosted horror television show, Macabre Theater, hosted by Ivonna Cadaver. Now, as much as I enjoy (well, love) Macabre Theater for what it is and the nostalgia it brings, very few hosted horror movie programs are on par with Elvira’s Movie Macabre, which was given a long overdue resurrection in 2010. Unfortunately, the nationally syndicated television show was nowhere to be found through my small-town cable provider, but thankfully, Entertainment One is releasing a handful of episodes on DVD this week.

This Tuesday sees the release of three new school Movie Macabre double features, which include a pairing of The Terror and EEGAH!, The Satanic Rites of Dracula and The Werewolf of Washington, and my choice in this over bloated DVD pick, Night of Living Dead and I Eat Your Skin. I’m going with the NOTLD/IEYS double feature for two reasons: 1. Night of the Living Dead is one of my top five favorite horror films, so I would love to watch Elvira respectfully take the piss out of it. 2. I’ve always wanted to see I Eat Your Skin ever since I first saw the double feature trailer for both I Eat Your Skin and the wonderfully ridiculous I drink Your Blood many years ago, and what better way to see it than having Elvira as my host?

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They Call Him Chad's Pick: DEATH RIDES A HORSE (Region 1 DVD; Wild East)
If you've been waiting for a good Death Rides A Horse region 1 DVD, I'm fairly certain this will be the best released version to date. I say this with confidence because I'm a longtime fan of the distribution company WildEast Productions, which specializes in high quality uncut restorations of hard-to-find Spaghetti Westerns and other assorted Italian films. For the uninitiated, quite simply, Death Rides A Horse features two gunslingers out for revenge against a gang of savage outlaws that ruined both their lives many years ago. Starring the legendary Lee Van Cleef alongside John Phillip Law, this film is one of the very best Non-Leone spaghettis ever to grace celluloid. For Tarantino fans, you'll have a blast picking out the Kill Bill inspirations. Highly recommended.

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Samurai's Pick: THE CINCINNATI KID (Region 1 Blu-Ray; Warner Home Video)
My pick this week is The Cincinnati Kid on Blu ray: The king of Cool in one of his films that I feel is overlooked. many know of it, but not many have seen it. It's a slow paced film about gambling, but McQueen erupts with charisma and Edward G. Robinson is fun in this film. Also, Ann Margaret looking devine folks...the entire cast is AMAZING in the film...Rip Torn and Karl Malden as well. Seriously this is a solid film at a solid price on Blu...pick it up!!!

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