Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 3/22/11

Rupert Pupkin's Pick: JACKSON COUNTY JAIL/CAGED HEAT (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) (Region 1 DVD; Shout! Factory)
Continuing their already fantastic series of Corman Cult Classic release, here we get a fantastic little double with two excellent exploitation films.
CAGED HEAT looks really good for a film shot at this time on this budget. Tak Fujimoto's cinematography really pops. The film has lots of great style as you might expect from a guy like Jonathan Demme. The early enthusiasm from both Demme and Fujimoto comes through in a really wonderful way. Disc also includes a great commentary with director Demme, Tak Fukimoto & Erica Gavin.
Along with GGTMC favorite ROLLING THUNDER of course, JACKSON COUNTY JAIL contains an excellent early Tommy Lee Jones performance. Also looks great and has commentary.

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Sammy's Pick: THE SANDLOT (Region 1 Blu-Ray; 20th Century Fox)
With baseball season approaching (Sammy's favorite sport) I think the pick of the week for high definition lovers is The Sandlot. A great kids movie that celebrates the sport and young friendships that doesn't pander to it's audience. If you love baseball or just a great coming of age film, The Sandlot is a great pick!!

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Large William's Pick: THE ANDY SIDARIS COLLECTION: GIRLS, GUNS & G-STRINGS Region 1 Box Set; Mill Creek)
Monsieur Sidaris should be no secret when it comes to fans of the GGtMC; his winning formula of playboy centrefolds, Uzi's and exotic locales and plenty'o'action is the golden equation in most Men's eyes. Millcreek has put out this 12 film set for the very reasonable price of $9.98, that's less than a buck a film. Bear in mind, these will be VHS rips of varying degrees, but still! Also, You'll get The Estrada, Danny Trejo, teased hair and more! Well worth the chingoleros!


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  1. Holy Hell I'm so glad I have GGTMC on my Google homepage. That Sidaris Collection was an instant buy!! The single DVDs went OOP and can be pricey. There are a couple I still haven't seen so this was a no-brainer at that price. Now I have to arrange a Sidaris Movie Night to initiate my friends. Thanks!