Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 3/15/11

Sammy's Pick: BMX BANDITS (All-Region DVD and Blu-Ray; Severin)
Gotta go with BMX Bandits on Blu Ray for this weeks pick....childhood favorite of Sammys and commentary from the great Brian Trenchard- Smith....cant wait to get my hands on this disc!!!

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Large William's Pick: FERNANDO DI LEO CRIME COLLECTION (Region 1 DVD box set; Raro)
If ever there was a pick of the week for the GGtMC, this is it. The GREAT Raro has brought Fernando Di Leo's masterful Milieu trilogy to region 1 for all of you who haven't gotten a region free player yet(and if not, why not?). In any event, Milieu is THE series as far as Euro-Crime goes, and La mala Ordina is my all time favorite Euro-Crime film. This set is worth every dime!


Diabolik DVD

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  1. unfortunately BMX bandits was something i only saw for the first time last year

    and unfortunately i will never get that 90 minutes back

    what a boring ass movie!