Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candid Cuties: Best of the Best, Indeed

eric roberts2

When not busy winning international martial arts tournament against Team Korea, Eric Roberts has been known to spend much of his time tantalizing those that dare to glance his way.

It's difficult to tell if E.R. (short for Emergency Room, 'cause that's where the ladies end up after a night taking a ride on Roberts Runaway Train) is giving the hard SHHH sign like he has some sort of sexy secret to share, or if he is actually so irresistible that he cannot help but kiss his own finger. From the looks of it, he might be working on kissing something else the way his right hand is working them underwear right there. There's another Runaway Train joke in that last sentence somewhere…


  1. I like it too... but strictly for masturbatory reasons.

  2. And that's why I made it, Aaron!

  3. Some of your best work.

  4. And my gayest! Thanks, Christine!