Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 7/5/11

Samurai's Pick: 13 ASSASSINS (Region 1 Blu-Ray; Magnet/Magnolia)
This may be one of Takashi Miike's best films...I actually have no doubt that it is one of his best. He has grown into an amazingly diverse film maker who makes brave choices and stellar work. I promise you, you will watch this film again and again...its a Men on a Mission film that will stick with you long after its over and one of the worst bad guys EVER put to film...just an awful dude....BUY!!!

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Large William's Pick: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (Region 1 Blu-Ray; Magnet/Magnolia)
Although technically, I wanted to go with 13 Assassins; Miike's epic samurai tale of revenge and honor, I've got to have some civic pride, and go with Jason Eisener's Nova Scotian love letter to 80's VHS gold, that is of course, Hobo with a Shotgun. The color palette for this film, is a sickly neon, that will look sublime in blu. Lovingly referencing everything and everyone from Deodato to Cohen, Ginty to Carpenter, it's a sickly fun ride of revenge when one man, Rutger Hauer, the titular Hobo with a shotgun, get's fed up and decides to sleep in the scum of the City's carcasses TONIGHT!!

Check out the 2 disc'er gang, it's more stacked than a Russ Meyer film. Plenty 'o' bang for your loonies and toonies.

maple and black ice soaked kisses,

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Aaron's Pick: IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD (Region 1 Blu-Ray; MGM/20th Century Fox)
One of the greatest comedies of all time is now available in high-definition, but there's a catch... it's exclusive to Wal-Mart's official website. No big deal, though; just click on the link below, and while you're on the site, feel free to order some diapers, feminine hygiene products, batteries, SPAM or toothpaste at a competitive price! Personally, this is one of my favorite comedies ever, and watching it as a kid was one of the few instances in my life that I almost piss-pantsed myself from laughing so hard.


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