Thursday, January 6, 2011

Episode #114: Extreme Avengers

Welcome to another episode of the GGtMC!!!

This week, Sammy returns and the Gents review Extreme Prejudice (1987) from director Walter Hill and The Crippled Avengers (1978) from director Chang Cheh.

Kick back and enjoy!!!

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  1. Some minor notes regarding the review for 1978's CRIPPLED AVENGERS:

    The title RETURN OF THE 5 DEADLY VENOMS was not how it was marketed in America. It played theaters and television here under the title of MORTAL COMBAT. The RETURN title was a made up moniker from Crash Cinema when they released their bootleg "remastered" DVD about ten years ago. It's never played anywhere under that title. Both Crash's DVD and DD's legit DVD both used different computer generated titles on their discs for that made up title.

    There's actually six official venoms. Wei Pai, who played the snake in FIVE VENOMS, left Shaw's for Golden Harvest and never really fit in with the others. CRIPPLED AVENGERS utilized the five more popular members who were frequently photographed together in promoting the movies in HK sans Wei Pai.

    This was also HK superstar Chen Kuan Tai's big return to Shaw Brothers after a nasty contract dispute.