Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Episode #10: Turkish Deadbeats

So, Big Willy and Sammy are under the weather a little this week, that would probably explain why Samurai forgot to check his settings on his audio equipment and sounds like he is calling in a voicemail, but at least it audible this time.
Either way this is our first, of we hope, many listener content episodes and here we review a couple of films requested by our good buddy Redd over at the popsyndicate forums...if you are not a member join up and be part of our show. We go over a little trash oddity known as TURKISH STAR WARS and the Jim Van Bebber cult classic DEADBEAT AT DAWN as per our listener's request.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Episode #9: Cobra Boogie

Alright, the episode is actually fixed and completed and, if you downloaded the other version, do yourself a favor and download again because this cut is a little longer and we added some content.....plus some special surprises.....Bill from OTC joins us and brings his beautiful charm and sound effects for a good time....we cover ROLLER BOOGIE with Linda Blair and COBRA with Sly Stallone.....it was a great experience....enjoy gang...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Episode #8: Wanted In The East

On this week's episode we cover Gordon Liu in HEROES OF THE EAST and Rutger Hauer in WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. We go over a few other tidbits and even get some shaving tips from Large William in the process. Plus we again talk about the clothes people were wearing in the 80's, as if we never wore them ourselves.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Episode #7: The Longest Dragon

Even though the title of this show sounds like we are covering some type of porno film, trust me, we are sticking to our love of genre cinema this week with a couple of bonafide classics. First up, Burt Reynolds in THE LONGEST YARD, one of the Burt's best films and then we follow that up with THE LAST DRAGON, truly one of the great 80's films of all time in our humble opinion.