Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candid Cuties: When Worlds Collide


There are so many questions that could be asked of this photo:

What did they talk about?

Was there, at any point in time, any snake eating going on by either of them? 

Who impregnated the most girls during the 10 seconds that it took to take this picture?

Are either of them wearing flip flops?

Where did Lorenzo park his bike?

  How many times did Claude 'casually' do the splits for onlookers?

Was there a dance off at some point?

These are all burning questions for sure, but the one that is most important, I believe, is how exactly does the planet survive a meeting of this magnitude without imploding, leaving only Jean and Lorenzo to roam the earth with no one left but each other? The answer lies within Claude Van's undervears, and forever will it stay there.  I'd personally like to think it has something to do with the new season of Lawman on the horizon, but what do I know?


  1. God, I so wish there was a dance off and was there to watch!

  2. Seriously, it should just be a movie. Instead of saving a rec center, they have a dance off so Jean-Claude can save his fitness studio that Lorenzo wants to turn into a biker bar.

    In the end, the fight turns out to be a draw, and they decide to compromise and make it a fitness studio for bikers. Everyone cheers!

  3. And how many times did JCVD bring up the fact that he can crack walnuts with his ass?

    Or is it chestnuts?

    Seriously, though, thanks for this short but entertaining post. It provided many much needed laughs in the short amount of time it took to read it.

  4. That pic makes me uncomfortable!

  5. Aaron: Ha, thanks, Aaron! The photo really does all the talking itself, though!

    Christine: Uncomfortable like hot and bothered uncomfortable?