Todd Todd fixes appliances for fun and profit. When not watching movies, he can be found with his face buried in a book or brewing his own beer. He lives in Pennsylvania.

Bill Thompson EMT most of the time, film fanatic and family man the rest of the time. Bill lives a simple life that consists of family, work, movies, the New England Patriots, Detroit Red Wings, Boise St. Broncos, and an eternal devotion to the Chicago Cubs. His favorite genre is by far horror, but he's open to any and all types of cinema. Writing about film is a passion, catharsis, and release all rolled into one. But mainly it's just an excuse to have fun writing about his second favorite thing, movies. Let's face it, not even movies can top the Chicago Cubs! Most of my work can be found at

"Uncool Cat" Chris Brown Chris Brown is also known as Uncool Cat around GGTMC. His education's low but he's got long dough, he's raised like a pitbull, his heart pumps nitro. That's all we know.

Brett Ridley Part tool repair drone, part aspiring writer and two quarters insane. Fan of anything that is different, violent, sci-fi-ish and fantastic when it comes to movies. He lives somewhere in the wilds of Southern Saskatchewan.

Aaron A man of few words and poor taste, Aaron enjoys horror movies, The Misfits, and being anti-social. When he's not watching movies, he's usually writing about them at his blog, The Death Rattle.

 Charlie Parker Born of haggis and dog in the Scottish hills and raised by a blind woman from Glasgow, Charlie Parker grew up on Hong Kong cinema after being seduced by a Sammo Hung lookalike. After being jilted at the altar, he now works his way through genre cinema whilst drinking far too much. Charlie Parker likes silly hats.

Justin Bozung is a free lance writer with contributions to Fangoria, Whoa, Paracinema, HorrorHound and Bijou Magazines. He is also a feature contributor for Shock Cinema magazine. In addition, Justin is the host of the sporadically airing Mondo Film Podcast. He is also the creator of  the now defunct online magazine, The Mondo Film & Video Guide. The site had over 80,000 monthly readers before closing its doors, and had been a source for such film websites as Yahoo! Movies, MSNBC Movies, Turner Classic Movies, The L.A. Times website, and Paramount Studios. Justin is currently working on a book about 2001: A Space Odyssey and a feature length documentary film.  His favorite filmmaker is Jerry Lewis.

 Justin Oberholtzer The "Cinemasochist" Justin Oberholtzer is a writer at the Freakin' Awesome Network. Born in 1991, he's been a wrestling fan and cinephile his whole life.

 Karl Brezdin What qualifies Karl Brezdin to unload his special brand of criticism on martial-arts b-films every week to ten days? Simple: he achieved a 14th-degree yellow belt at the age of eight years-old. And 14 years after that, he graduated with a $60,000 Film Studies certificate. He created Fist of B-List for the same reasons most people start blogging about niche film genres: sex and money.

 Matt-suzaka Born from the hottest fires of Hades, Matt-suzaka was raised by demons with the sole purpose of exacting revenge on those that wronged his family. However, after a stubbed toe and a lost battle for supremacy with Oprah, he's been forced to settle for watching and writing about genre cinema. Trading in his black dragon sword of vengeance for a black keyboard of Dell, Matt now writes for Paracinema, BthroughZ, Strange Kids Club, and his very own site, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. May you never cross his path, for his path is that of fire and brimstone.

 Rupert Pupkin Rupert Pupkin is a fully addicted and dedicated movie fanatic. He owes a great deal to the influence of Mr. Danny Peary, one of his personal heroes, for his wonderful film books. Rupe likes movie lists and does them often for his Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog. His top 5 films include THE THING, RIO BRAVO, DUCK SOUP, THE LONG GOODBYE & IT'S A GIFT.

Scott M Scott lives in Toronto with his lovely wife and two kids. By day, he poses as a lawyer while working towards the ultra-rare Obsidian Belt in Tae-Bo-Peep. He owns an unhealthy number of comic books and once thought the world was actually black and white during the ‘olden days’. He is the co-host of Married With Clickers with his wife, and blogs about comics and other nonsense at Seduction of the Indifferent.

 They Call Him Chad As the former Director of Acquisitions at Shoreline Entertainment, Chad negotiated worldwide sales and production deals for independent films. He has served as a script reader at Creative Artists Agency and freelance story analyst for various producers, screenwriters and directors. Chad received his B.A in Film Studies from Quincy University and earned an M.F.A in Screenwriting at Chapman University. Chad counts among his favorites John Carpenter, Quentin Tarantino, Spaghetti Westerns, The Warriors and Re-Animator.

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    1. I worked on this film some 30 years ago, would love to see it, but none of the above links work anymore, any way to view the movie?
      thanks, Nick Vincent,

  2. Much of this film was shot in my dad's old film studio on Las Canoas where I grew up and lived, I also helped on crew shooting the film, originally titled 'nasty stuff' some 30 years ago

  3. Great fun to work on too, greetings to the maker: Jim Skidmore.
    I can't see trailer or public viewing options. Any way to see the film after I worked on it 30 years ago?