Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vishnu's Cinematic Alphabet!

Gentle readers, below please find a lovely cinematic alphabet done by Mr. Vishnu Singh, GGTMC listener and cinephile extraordinaire!!

A- The American President

B- Budo: The Art of Killing

C- Conan the Barbarian

D- Dust Devil

E- Enter the Void

F- Flash Gordon

G- Guns of the Navarone

H- Hardware

I- Inside (¿ l'intÈrieur)

J- Jaws

K- Krull

L- Last Life in the Universe

M- Monster Squad

N- the Nest

O- One,Two,Three

P- Pathfinder

Q- Queen Margot

R- Re-Animator

S- Shaun of the Dead

T- Them!(1954)

U- Uncle Buck

V- Vinyan

W- Wicker Man

X- Xian Si Jue (aka Duel to the Death)
Y- Y Tu Mama Tambien

Z- Zombi 2


  1. Great list! This is such a "deceptively simple" exercise, isn't it? My hat is off to anyone who tried it, and I love all the lists I've read so far.

  2. Nice! LOVE your pick for V. Vinyan is positively incredible.

  3. Agreed on VINYAN! I have only seen it the once but I was blown away. I'm hesitant to watch it again because I fear that it won't hold up. Great picks in genral. Definitely feeling the Richard Stanley love.

  4. Queen Margot and Them! on the same list - my head just exploded!