Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 1/3/12

Large William's Pick: BUSTING (MOD; MGM)
Admittedly, this is a really weak slate of films coming out this week, in saying that, there are a few gems to be had. Busting sees Robert Blake and Elliott Gould has cops, partners at that, out doing what they do, all the while casting a cynical eye on the system and everyone in it, the fish rots from the head down as they say. Gould and Blake are two of the finest actors of the golden decade of film that no one gives enough love to... This film has it's flaws, but it's a joy to behold


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Aaron's Pick: FRANKENHOOKER (Region 0 Blu-Ray; Arrow)
As Large William said, it's a slow week in regards to notable DVD and Blu-Ray releases in North America, so I thought I'd go to the UK for my pick this week. I assume most of you reading this are already familiar with Arrow Films; if not, you better reckanize! Arrow has been doing an amazing job of putting out quality releases from the horror/exploitation genres and giving them Criterion-style attention in terms of packaging and special features. This week sees Arrow's release of Frank Henenlotter's hilarious FRANKENHOOKER on Blu-Ray, and it comes with a ridiculous amount of bonus material. Comp that! Wait... did I say that right?

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