Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week - 1/24/12

Sammy's Pick: GODZILLA (Region 1 Blu-Ray & DVD; Criterion)
It's the Criterion treatment for the only honestly solid Godzilla movie in my opinion. I know there are people that like them all, but this is truly a film to me whereas the others are cashing in more on the novelty. I am honestly picking this because I feel more films like Godzilla DESERVE the Criterion treatment and we as film fans need to support this title!!!

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BoulevardMovies.com Blu-Ray and DVD
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Large William's Pick: LETHAL LADIES COLLECTION 2 - Roger Corman's Cult Classics Collection (Region 1 DVD; Shout! Factory)
This is an absolutely fantastic value pack; we've got 3 great exploitation films from the early to mid 1970's directed by genre stalwarts(and personal favorites) Cirio Santiago, and a Joe D'Amato/Steve Carver film that has been out of print FOREVER, that I've wanted to own a proper copy of. The 2 Santiago helmed films are Fly Me(1973), and Cover Girl Models. Both feature some fun 70's action, lots of naked 70's foxes and the pace that anyone who digs Santiago's films has come to trust. The third film stars none other than the Matron Saint of the GGtMC, Pam Grier re-teamed with her Black Mama, White Mama co-star, Margaret Markov, not to mention Lucretia Love, and one on my all time favorite Euro babes, Rsalba Neri. It's co-directed by Steve Carver(of Lone Wolf McQuade fame) and Joe D'Amato(of every sleazy as fuck George Eastman penned romp from Italy in the mid to late 70's). All of these for under $20 gang. It's a S-T-E-A-L, and worth every dime!


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Aaron's Pick: FASCINATION (Region 1 Blu-Ray & DVD; Redemption/Kino)
The works of the late French filmmaker Jean Rollin can be hit or miss with me, but FASCINATION - an atmospheric unconventional vampire film set in the French countryside - is one of my favorites of his that I've seen thus far. The folks over at Kino and Redemption have teamed up to restore a number of Rollins's films which are being released this week - some of which (including this film) are being made available on Blu-Ray for the very first time. If you're into erotic horror, lesbian vampires, atmospheric Gothic Horror films, and beautiful nude women wielding scythes, give FASCINATION a shot.

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