Thursday, March 13, 2014

OMG Entertainment/GGTMC Indiegogo Campaign to get THE FINAL SCORE on DVD!

OMG Entertainment (a small Dutch webstore specialised in horror and cult film) and the GGTMC podcast ( teamed up with the idea to release a lost film.

With the help of an Indygogo campaign we are trying to release the 1980's Indonesian action film Final Score. Directed by Arizal (The Stabalizer, American Hunter) and starring Christopher Mitchum this movie has never seen a DVD release before. Because of the participation of many movie fans that are working on this project just for the love of these kind of films, we managed to cut the costs of producing a DVD enormously. But still, we need enough movie lovers to pre-order their copy through the indygogo site to get this project fully funded. And we are hoping you can help us out by placing this news on your site. We would be very grateful! If we are successful this could be a start of many more release of forgotten films.

But first a little more on the film: Final Score (1986)

Inline afbeelding 2
Many films get lost in the annals of time. Released during the VHS boom, only to be forgotten about over the years. Many of these films have been covered on the Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema, but still reside in obscurity. You have the chance to help in unearthing one of these GGTMC jewels. This jewel is "Final Score".

The film takes the revenge fable and cranks it up to eleven! The legendary Chris Mitchum ("Rio Lobo", "Big Jake", "American Commandos", "The Day Time Ended") headlines as Richard Brown, a loving father who's settled in Indonesia because it's a safe place to live. He finds out the hard way this isn't exactly true, as a motley crew of thugs, led by Hawk (Mike Abbott), murder his children and rape his wife. Richard vows revenge, tracking down his rivals and utilizing his army skills to dispatch them.
If you think this sounds generic, I promise you the action delivers! Action sequences occurs at least every five minutes, with a bevy of brawls. Hand-to-hand combat, shoot-outs and explosions galore! There's even a nifty use of a motorcycle and grenade that needs to be seen to be believed. You don't want to miss out on this action!
Want to know how to attain a copy of this gem? All you have to do is donate money to this campaign, which goes directly into producing a DVD release of "Final Score". Each donation comes with a perk, as a way of saying thank you. 

By backing this project you are simply pre-ordering your copy of this DVD.

We have a standard DVD but there are also two limited collectors editions available in a small (limited to 60) and a big hartbox (limited to 100) package (image below)!

Inline afbeelding 1 

At the moment of writing we are already halfway funded but we still need more action fans and DVD collectors to get in on this! 

More info and a campaign movie trailer are available on the Indygogo campaign site:

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